Level 4 Mission Drake

There are hundreds of listed drake fittings online. This is because it is a very good ship. It is well suited for missioning, takes very little skill to start flying, and has extreme potential, in that there is a huge difference in its DPS and tanking abilities when a newbie is flying it with t1 gear compared to a level 5 skill player flying it with t2 gear and rigs.

Eve Online Drake

Skills that will make tanking much easier

  1. caldari battlecruiser command = 25% more resistance.
  2. shield operation = 25% less shield recharge time.
  3. shield management = 25% bonus to shield capacity.
  4. Tactical Shield Manipulation: allows you to use t2 invulnerability fields.

The battle cruiser command skill gives the ship 33% more tank (yes 33, not 25), plus there is no resistance penalty, unlike stacking invulnerability fields. The shield operation and shield management both give the ship 25% more tank regeneration, one by changing the rate, whilst the other changing the amount. T2 invulnerabilty fields are needed because they are 33% better than their t1 counterparts. Adding all those skills gives the ship just over 2.07 times more tank than having no skills (Effectively doubles its tank).

My Fitting

  • high slots: 7 x t2 heavy missile launchers, 1 x tractor beam
  • medium slots: 4 x specific shield hardeners II, 2 x large shield extenders II
  • low slots: 4 SPRs
  • rigs: 3 x core defence field purgers
  • Drones: 5 scout drones (t1 drones may be unnecessary but if you can use t2, they will make missions go a lot faster)
  • Ammunition: Mision specific fury missiles for the battleships, mission specific standard missiles for cruisers, and mission specific precision missiles for t2 frigates. This makes a HUGE difference and is definitely worth the money.

Equipping four SPRs is usually not necessary. This is only needed for a few of the harder missions, or low skilled characters. It is a good idea to mix in a co-processer and one or two ballistic control systems (BCS) for added dps. Using four SPR’s in the low slots will usually require having to warp in and out of missions in order to recharge the ship’s cap. This will only be needed after a couple of minutes, by which time all the rats/mobs may have been killed off the ship can simply deactivate some modules instead. If the ship can’t handle a mission with 4 SPR’s equipped, the character needs to achieve higher skills and is not yet suitable for doing level 4 missions.

If the damage dealt in the mission is all types I will equip 3 x t2 invuln fields and 2 t2 extenders, with 1 t2 shield recharger in the mid slots. This is because I have shield upgrades 4 instead of 5, so i cannot yet replace the shield recharger with another shield extender, but if you can, do so.

Feel free to post other drake fittings that you believe are better and i will try them out.


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